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Scar removal in Ormond Beach, FL is increasingly common as dermatologists and plastic surgeons have developed new ways to improve the skin texture for patients with scars. The most common new way to treat scars is fractional laser resurfacing, or Fraxel®, laser treatment. The cost of scar removal depends on the type of treatment your physician recommends. To find a scar removal physician in Ormond Beach, FL, you may use our zip code locator tool to schedule a consultation.

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The city of Ormond Beach, FL is the pacesetter for Volusia County's aesthetic medicine community. With hospitals such as Florida Hospital Ormond Memorial, patients are sure to find a physician educated in skin health. For those seeking dermatologic or aesthetic treatments, Ormond Beach has a number of board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons offering procedures from Ultherapy or laser liposuction. Patients considering medical tourism can book a flight into Daytona Beach International Airport, have a treatment done and be on their way to enjoy Florida's friendly visitor centers. All of you residents out there in Volusia County, remember to wear sunblock it helps prevent skin aging as well as skin cancer. Call a doctor in Ormond Beach today to set up an appointment.