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Is Vaser Liposuction right for you?

About Vaser Liposuction

VASER Liposuction is a type of minimally invasive liposuction procedure which utilizes ultrasound energy to loosen the fat deposits being targeted. Fat is injected with a tumescent fluid, through a small incision, then high frequency ultrasound probes causes the fat to liquify, making removal easier. The cost of VASER is dependent on the size of the area and number areas being treated, as well as the surgeon's cost who is performing the treatment. To schedule a consultation, seek out a physician performing VASER in Rogers, AR today.

More About Rogers, Ar

The city of Rogers, AR is a preeminent member of Benton County's medical establishment. With medical institutions such as St Mary-Rogers Memorial Hospital, patients are sure to find an accomplished medical specialist. For those seeking dermatologic or aesthetic treatments, Rogers has a number of board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons offering procedures from non-invasive body contouring or minimally invasive body contouring. Patients considering medical tourism can book a flight into Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, have a treatment done and be on their way to enjoy Arkansas' wide open spaces. All of you residents out there in Benton County, remember to wear sunblock it helps prevent skin aging as well as skin cancer. Call a doctor in Rogers today and get beautiful.