Bioethics Literature

The term “bioethics” was first coined in the 1920’s in reference to the ethical treatment of animals in biological research. Since that time, the term has expanded to include a much wider swathe of biological research, so much so that even bioethicists will often disagree with each other over the specifics of what the field covers. With the advancement of medical technology over the last hundred years, the field has grown to encompass such issues and euthenasia, abortion, organ donation and health care rationing. In just the past decade, a number of new topics have become hotly contested topics. Biotechnology has given rise to cloning, stem cell research, genetic engineering, life extension and various forms of DNA manipulation. Below are some helpful resources for exploring this broad topic.

Pros and Cons of Animal Testing
Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering
Abstract on Stem Cell Research
Department of Bioethics