Liposonix vs Liposuction

Once upon a time, liposuction, a surgical procedure where fat is sucked out of the body via a hollow tube inserted under the skin, was one of the only options for eliminating stubborn pockets of fat. With a potential 8 weeks of recovery time and a price tag of $6-$8000, it was not a decision that many entered into lightly if at all. However, thanks to new, recently FDA approved non-invasive technologies, such as Liposonix, patients who might have been afraid to go under the knife now have alternate options.

Liposonix, cleared by the FDA in 2011, uses ultrasonic energy to target the layer of fat just under the skin; the fat is then eliminated by the body’s immune system and liver over a period of time. Though there is no cutting involved, there have been reports of pain, cold, prickling, tingling and warming during the procedure and soreness, bruising, redness and/or swelling afterwards. Though not as dramatic as the results expected from Liposuction, for just about $3000 one can expect a reported average circumference reduction of just over an inch (an entire pants size) at around 8-12 weeks from the time of the procedure.

Although Liposonix may seem like a dream come true to those who have been waiting for a non-surgical, fat loss alternative, some may continue to wait. There are various specifications that a potential patient must reach before being approved. You must have a BMI under 30 (not obese and close to ideal weight), be able to pinch at least 1 inch of fat on your midsection and be realistic about your desired results. Also, this procedure is currently only approved for the abdomen and flanks; so those looking for fat loss in other areas such as the legs, arms or buttock may need to continue to wait or seek out surgical alternatives. See before and after photos of Liposonix here.