Tattoo Regret

In honor of Valentine’s Day from PRweb:

In its annual survey of patients seeking tattoo removal on The Patient’s Guide to Tattoo Removal, it was found that “Name of Ex-Partner/Spouse” was the number one motivation to seek tattoo removal treatment. Of the 1,061 respondents, 28% cited this as the primary motivation, followed by “Work-related conflict” (25%), “Change of Beliefs” (18%), “Unhappy/Don’t like it” (14%), “Replace with a new tattoo” (7%), Medical Reasons (4%), and Other (3%). Young adults (18-29 yr olds) were the largest demographic feeling a change of heart, with 30% of all respondents citing “Name of Ex-Partner/Spouse”, followed by Adults (30-40 yr olds) at 27%.

“The most common reason people come in for tattoo removal at my practice is to remove someone’s name,” says Patient’s Guide Chairman and laser expert Eric F. Bernstein, M.D. “Love is forever, except in real life under rare circumstances. When a relationship ends, people want the tattoo off. Other common reasons include feelings that it’s interfering with their job, or that it no longer represents who they are.”

In a similar study conducted by The Patient’s Guide in 2009, it was found that the majority of respondents didn’t appreciate the implications of tattoo ink being “permanent”, or which colors of ink would be more challenging to remove. “White and tan tattoo pigments are dangerous for laser specialists because they turn black when they get lasered,” said Dr. Bernstein. “Once it turns black it might not ever come out, but more commonly, it’s just more difficult and takes more treatments. Green is challenging to remove as well, but the Alexandrite laser is classically referred to in order to remove green pigment. The Ruby laser is good for green as well.”

So the moral of the story is, don’t get names tattooed on you unless they are your blood relation, blood relations aren’t going anywhere. Even if you get your kids name tattooed on you, don’t do it in a spot that can’t be easily covered. What this story doesn’t mention is the fact that laser tattoo removal is a long, expensive, and painful process. The best way to avoid this process is to choose you tattoos carefully to begin with.